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Since Reddcoin launched in 2014, we have had drama, emotion, transition, promises of developments and disappointment, updates and partnerships, and more. Reddcoin is no different in that aspect from many other cryptocurrencies, but we have done our best to keep our heads down under criticism, and keep working. Despite having extremely limited development funding as a community-driven (and what a community it is!) cryptocurrency, members of the team have continued to deliver improvement after improvement and partnership after partnership to make Reddcoin what it is today in 2018. But the true meaning of Reddcoin is the ability to easily, safely and in a fun way, share, tip and send coins to others online. We have been working to solve that fundamental problem since RDD was released. We are proud to say, that day is here.

Today has been a long time coming for our ReddHead community, and all of the users who have supported, encouraged and used RDD.

Reddcoin Core is proud and happy to announce, finally, the answer to the single top question asked by users new and old: “When ReddID??”.


Now, ReddID.

ReddID is name-based tipping across social networks and platforms, with all data stored safely in the blockchain. No centralized sites and databases, no administrators with control over your funds. Empower your online persona, collecting tips for your content and comments while keeping your wallet secure and private!

As has been our tendency, Reddcoin Core, as a guiding principle, doesn’t like to fuel speculation and price movement by publicly commenting on price moves, or plans and items under development before they have reached the “confirmed real” stage. We are therefore quite pleased to finally be able to confirm and announce that, after intense private development efforts, since early this month, the Core team has been issuing software updates internally and performing extensive Alpha testing of the main functions of our new Reddcoin/ReddID tipping extension, while working hard to incorporate newly designed UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) components along with a beautifully redesigned graphic look.

In the next days, as the team reaches consensus on completed relevant Alpha testing, we will be transitioning to our next stage, a private Beta test including Core team as well as members of the ReddHead community.

Beginning June 24, selected members of the public who have signed up for our Internal Beta test will be given access to the software and allowed to test features of the software deemed ready for release. The ReddID product is currently packaged as a Chrome Browser Extension, but will be available for Firefox and made as widely available as possible. Although we do have a good Beta pool of users, if you missed the request in our channels and would like to be involved in the Beta this week, please let TechAdept know.

Features to be tested and planned for initial private Beta release will include:

- Integrated fully-functional light Reddcoin Wallet with Savings and Tipping sections.

- Twelve word “mnemonic seed” (BIP39 support) method of wallet backup/restore/migration

- ReddID name registration on live blockchain (will require actual RDD for function. All costs to be reimbursed at end of testing)

- One-button GUI Reddit tipping to ReddID or public RDD address

(Additional social network sites to be rolled out as testing continues)

- Address book/contacts functionality for often used IDs and friends

- Live Reddcoin network status tab and integrated version control/release notes display

- Cross-site social network ID management and linking (will be limited for Beta release)

- Embedded connections to Reddcoin official social channels and help/information/support locations

- Direct registration fee passthrough to actively staking users.

- Reddcoin/ReddID user search, view and follow features

- Redd ID extension application setting management, data export and backup

As of June 30/July 1, we expect to complete the required private Beta testing and move to a full public Beta release. Software will at that time be made available globally for all Chrome users from our central sites and software repos on GitHub. We anticipate Firefox and others to follow quickly as testing completes. We are, of course, working on additional features and capabilities, and will incorporate changes and updates from the Core team as testing continues. Suggestions and feedback from the community are highly encouraged and desired and we truly look forward to exploring the possibilities being opened by the release of this simple new method of tipping, sharing and sending Reddcoin to anyone.

Reddcoin Core would like to extend thanks to each and every member of the team, members of the community and testers that have been deeply involved, and our project partners and other like-minded members of the crypto community in general.

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