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Reddcoin turns the world! And the world starts to point towards Reddcoin !!
What might have seemed a distant mirage is already much closer than it seems. Just open your eyes!
Nothing is easier than buying Reddcoin with your own national currency.

Americans and Russians: Yobit, this Russian based cryptocurrency exchange trading multiple altcoins would make it an interesting alternative to Bittrex (probably the current leader, in terms of exchanges offering so many coins) accepts both US Dollars and Rubles

Europeans: Litebit, this exchange is actually a Dutch company that buys altcoins and sells them on to clients, for a higher price, so it is acting more like a change bureau or simply a spot exchange. It does not offer leveraged trading. One of the main advantages of LiteBit is that it offers a large number of coins, that can be purchased with Fiat (euro) to enjoy the currency of social networks.

Indians: surrender yourself to KoinOK, this is a digital asset trading platform which makes trading cryptocurrencies secure, easy and quick in India with trading in Indian Rupee.

Korean: the enthusiastic people of Korea have to wait until UPbit, the biggest and most important exchange of their country, opens up the KRW market. Until then you can buy in Korea with BTC.

Other Fiat currency’s like Canadian Dollar, Kenyan Shilling, Nigerian Naira, South African Rand, British Pound all are willingly accepted on Coindirect. Inhabitants of 37 nations can exchange their national currency here to buy Reddcoin.

Why would you not leave your current crypto to get something mature, eco-friendly, easy, fast, secure and able to link this with every social network? You can sell your BTC, ETH, LTC, Doge, USDT on 15 other exchanges too :-)

So be like John!

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