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Crytpocurrency and art, its a new way of looking at Cryptocurrency!

Art has always been an element of union, through art, man reaches heaven, contemplates beauty, feels gratified. We want to make art the means to bring the unencrypted world closer to the world of cryptocurrency.

We do not need speculation, we want to create a community, people comming together to build a better world.

Italy always had an eye for great attention to art, so much that it has become the reason for many visits to the nice country of Italy.

Many painters, sculptors, poets like Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello, Dante Alighieri, have created wonderful works subsidized by Italian benefactors. Today in many schools across the country they study the life of artists, works of art, work techniques simply because one day people have entrusted tasks, This realizes something for Reddcoin.

Probably many people around thought that it would be useless, luckily for us they did not let themselves be convinced and also went against the current!

Every work of art that comes to light has always helped to create a better world, this is what the artist wants to express.

In this third millennium we want to use this honor and give space to all artists. Reddcoin will give them a motivation, assist in seeking benefactors. All we want is to spread art because art is for each of us, we can and we must all admire it. Reddcoin4Art, Reddcoin-Alliance and Reddcoin want to be the protagonists of this. The artist should be able to express himself!

Spreading Reddcoin means winning the mistrust in cryptocurrencies. Reddcoin4art want spread Reddcoin with the art!

This way we hope all will remember when they see an artwork Reddcoin.

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