How to do staking!!!

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How to do staking/minting with Reddcoin Social Wallets?

With Reddcoin you can earn more Reddcoins using the official wallet core, providing your blockchain computing skills

The more RDD you have in your wallet, the more you can earn.

Wich wallet?

Here is the link for your own Social Wallet

The installation was simple and fast, the wallets are available for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit, Mac and Linux.

And now???

You need obviosly some Reddcoins

Buy your Reddcoin and send it to your wallet

Let’s go!

There are 3 things that you need in order to be able to perform staking

1. Your wallet needs to be updated/syncronized with the blockchain

2. You need Reddcoins in your wallet

3. Your Reddcoins must be “matured” for at least 8 hours

And now……. Staking!!

After my coins had matured, I could see my weight compared to the weight of the network, and the time needed to earn the first staking reward.

How much can i earn with my Reddcoins in my wallet ??

Here you can visit the calculator of Reddcoin and enter your amount to see your staking reward.

The percentage for the calculation of the prize is currently 5% per annum of the value of your coins.

The frequency of the accreditation of the staking prizes varies depending on the weight of your Rdd and the use of the blockchain network for transactions.

A reminder:

Staking only works with the official Reddcoin wallet core.

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