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Reddcoin is the social currency that makes digital currency easy for the general public. It achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money rewarding for everyone.

A new initiative to make Reddcoin the currency easy to use

How does it work?

With this site it is easy to transfer currency to an email address in 4 steps:

1 Click Send Money on the home page

2 Choose how much you want to transfer using the available Fiat currencies

3 Enter the recipient, email name and even a small description and click “Go to Step 2”

4 Make a deposit of how much you want to transfer to the address that is shown to you

You will also receive in the same email the public key of the address where you received the transfer and the related private key.

Now those who have received the Rdd can import their private key into their Reddcoin Core wallet.

During the operations, all the security notices on the transfer of funds are always present.

Fast, safe and economical.

The cost of the transfer is 1,75%. The necessary to pay the costs of using the network network.

Reddcoin and the large audience of the internet and social networks are close.

Other tools for the transfer of Rdd are already present for social media

Telegram: @Reddcoin_bot. You can use it within any telegram group to transfer between other users, withdraw to other addresses and deposit on your Telegram account through simple commands that can be displayed with the classic command / help

Twitter: Follow @tipreddcoin and he will follow you. You can use it to all Telegram accounts to transfer Rdd, you can deposit, withdraw it all through private messages with the bot.

Reddit: through private messages to the bot you can perform all the transfer and deposit of the Rdd between Reddit users.
At this link you can find more information

Many other initiatives will be shown because Reddcoin becomes the currency of social networks

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