Populous World XBRL platform is now in open build mode to the public.

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London, 15th October 2018

In the last 12 months, Populous World have been on quite a journey. From building a fully functioning invoice discounting platform that has funded over £2,000,000 invoices to date, to expanding the team, developing a new and improved exchange on the way, to now seeing their business intelligence (PXP) platform in the process of open build beta, which is available to the public today!

Established in 2016, the Populous World invoice discounting platform was an idea-turned-reality when commercial data expert, Steve Nico Williams, envisioned a platform for invoice financing and customer acquisition via ‘big data’. Steve pioneered the idea of using XBRL to data mine for prospective clients in the invoice finance-marketing sector which have also lead to the development of the very first business intelligence platform built on the blockchain.

What does open build beta mean?

The open build allows the community to have access to the platform and track the progress of the development. This would mean that the community now have access to the tools and functionalities that are already implemented and will be the first to get to try new functionalities.

What is PXP?

The Populous XBRL Platform (PXP) accumulates masses of data and makes it viewable in a way that will provide business intelligence. XBRL is the international standard of digital reporting for businesses. The format is a computer language which is used for communicating and exchanging business performance reports. XBRL brings all this information together in a standardised format, making it easy for users to draw comparisons and weigh up the financial health of a company.

The function of the PXP business intelligence platform allows people to buy reports or create them personally, in order to make intelligent business moves and explore what markets to divulge in and how to expand.
As such, XBRL data has become a global standard for exchanging business information and is freely available to anyone.

PXP has built XBRL into its in-house credit reference system, and with this XBRL engine, useful data can be extracted that gives users the ability to predict multi-industry trends in real-time.


Lou Chan, Populous World

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