732677 EOS accounts have all snapshot

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February 19th at 02:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE team has completed the snapshot of EOS mainnet holders. The snapshot involves 732677 EOS mainnet account, all these accounts could obtain free sidechain accounts ending with “.m”. And each sidechain account will receive 10 MEETONE tokens staked to CPU&NET and 3.5 KB of RAM for free.

February 26th at 13:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE side chain will be officially launched. EOS mainnet account private key can be easily imported to MEET.ONE side chain account via wallet such as MEET.ONE and StartEOS.

February 27th at 13:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE side chain will be officially activated. All MEETONE token holders can vote for 30 block producers, from which will be chosen top 21 active block producers.

35 teams around the globe announced supporting the MEET.ONE sidechain.

Asia, 14

AcroEOS, Korea

BlockGo, Thailand

EOS Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

EOS Beijing, China

EOS Cannon, China

EOSflytoMARS, China

EOSPark, China

EosStore, China

Gravity Pool, China

MEET.ONE Pacific, China

Starteos, China

EOSIO.SG, Singapore

Telos Instasia, Malaysia

GoingOS, China

North America, 9

EOS Costa Rica, Republic of Costa Rica

EOS Nation, Canada

EOS San Diego, America

EOS San Francisco, America

EOS Silicon Valley, America

EOS Tribe, America

Infinitybloc, America

shEOS, America

Telos NewYork, America

Europe, 6

Attic Lab, Ukraine

Cryptolions, Ukraine

EOS Barcelona, Spain

eosDublin, Ireland

Eclipse 24, the United Kingdom

TelosDAC, the United Kingdom

South America, 3

EOS Argentina, Argentina

EOS Venezuela, Venezuela

Telos Venezuela, Venezuela

Oceania, 2

Aloha EOS, Hawaii, America

EOSphere, Australia

Africa, 1

EOS Nairobi, Kenya

From February 27th at 13:00 UTC to March 6th at 13:00 UTC, MEET.ONE sidechain users can claim their MEETONE Tokens via AirGrab at a ratio of 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE (the number of airdrops will be determined by the number of EOS Tokens in your Mainnet account at the time of the snapshot).

March 7th
MEET.ONE team airdrop tokens to the accounts which finished AirGrab action.

1. The number of MEETONE tokens were determined by the number of EOS tokens on mainnet account at the moment of the snapshot.
2. After snapshot, newly registered EOS accounts cannot obtain free sidechain account and Airgrab.
3. You can find the snapshot file on Github:

White paper:



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