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Nebulas Node Strategy Testn...

Nebulas Node Strategy Testnet Program Weekly Report (Week 6: Feb 12 — Feb 18)Six weeks have passed since the node strategy went live on the testnet and thus far a total of 57 nodes are currently participating with 52 nodes participating in block generation. The participating nodes will share the testnet incentives of at least 200,000 NAS.Progress from last weekPoD governance mechanism development continues.The smart contract and the node platform have been developed. The related collaborative development of the community collaboration platform GoNebulas is underway. We are also dealing with transferring the on-chain and off-chain data between the two platforms. All data related to governance voting will be on-chain.PoD consensus mechanism testing.Continued testing the stability of the network.Plan for next weekPoD governance mechanism testing.The governance mechanism is being internally tested. After the internal testing is completed, the governance mechanism will be released on testnet for further testing.PoD governance voting testing on testnet is coming soon.The top 51 consensus nodes that have produced the largest number of block can participate in the PoD governance voting test. The proposals to vote on currently include:A. Marks Proposal: POD Block Generation Penalties: Since this proposal is about PoD penalties, it would be better to compete any updates prior to the mainnet launch.B. Join the technical committee(TBA): More details are coming soon. This will be closely related to community collaboration platforms and governance.C. Nebulas Awareness Development & Content Creation PlanD.Open NAS nano wallet to vote on tokens, so that the distribution of node benefits can be recorded and managed through NRC20(Chinese)For more information about the PoD governance mechanism, please read Node Strategy: Governance Mechanism. Details about the first PoD governance voting will be announced next week.WIKI updates.The recently collected node-related technical support and FAQ will be compiled into At the same time, the community is welcome to make suggestions on content organization, and participate in writing and translation. If you have specific suggestions about the wiki, you can also submit a proposal at participationParticipate in the development of contracts and tools related to the node strategy.We will open some bounties according to the community suggestion. You can apply on the Nebulas Community Collaboration Platform. You are welcome to learn the new bounty:Node Strategy Smart Contract Template.You can also submit your proposal on the latest and greatest version of the Nebulas blockchain!The first price is 500NAS. We have already received 30 names when it published in 2 days. More details: Name the latest and greatest version of the Nebulas blockchain!PoD node AMAInfStones, BTCU, Allnoodes, StackOfStake, MRH2 and other nodes performed a online Chinese AMA on WeChat group on February 19. Everyone is interested in the proof-of-devotion mechanism (PoD) combining block generation and governance. They are full of expectations for decentralized community collaboration, and also introduced the benefits of their nodes. For a text summary, please refer to 铁头群 [PoD node debut round-table meeting: ( (in Chinese).There will be an English Online AMA in the English Telegram group on Friday, February 21. Allnodes, StackOfStake, Everstake, InfStones, BTCU, etc. will communicate in English. Everyone is welcome to participate.Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioNebulas Node Strategy Testnet Program Weekly Report (Week 6: Feb 12 — Feb 18) was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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Name the latest and greates...

Introduction to the new version of the Nebulas mainnet:The new mainnet will add the Proof of Devotion (PoD) mechanism which is the most important upgrade since Nebulas NOVA. PoD is one of the core mechanisms of the Nebulas blockchain and is one of the many unique features when compared with other blockchain projects. This novel consensus mechanism is built on the basis of the contribution size of the community. The mechanism comprises two parts:Consensus mechanism: Once PoD goes live, the Nebulas blockchain will be fully decentralized relying on the community for node operation.Governance mechanism: The consensus nodes which produce the most blocks will be chosen to be governance nodes and will decide if proposals submitted on Go Nebulas will be approved and become active projects. All governance votes will utilize on-chain voting.PoD is Nebulas’ method to decentralize collaboration. Since its establishment in June of 2017, Nebulas has focused on dealing with complex data and interactions, complex collaboration relationships and innovative technologies to manage on-chain assets. In addition, we have been exploring new decentralized collaboration models that provide positive incentives and self-evolving decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Currently, there are more than 338,000 Nebulas mainnet addresses with over 36,000 users. Nebulas has hosted offline events spanning 10 countries and 21 cities.To learn more about Nebulas, visit: nebulas.ioIn addition to the decentralization of Nebulas nodes and community project governance, PoD will be combined in the future with Nebulas’ unique technologies such as the Nebulas Rank (NR) which will aim to explore more incentive scenarios.To learn more about PoD and node decentralization, visit the PoD whitepaper.Nebulas version naming requirements:Must be related to celestial bodies — similar to the first two versions;Symbolize features of the new mainnet;Keep it short. Suggested length is one to two English words;The final result shall be in English.Previous names and why they were chosen:Eagle Nebula: The pillar of creation is located in the Eagle Nebula which corresponds to the Nebulas mainnet launch event in March of 2018. This launch realized the basic functions of the public chain;Nebulas NOVA: Initial release of the Metanet designed to discover the value of blockchain data. Launched December of 2018 with the release of Nebulas Rank (NR), Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) and other features.Participation in this event:A) Name suggestions can be made from February 17 to February 26, 2020Make a reply to this discussion in the following format: [English Name]+[Reason for naming];If there are any duplicate suggestions, the first person to suggest the name will be selected.B) From February 27 to February 28, 2020, the community will decide via on-chain NAX votingThe Nebulas Foundation will screen and organize the collection of names. Voting will take place one day prior to the launch of the latest mainnet version;All Nebulas community members can participate via NAX voting. There will be no limit on the amount of NAX used for voting;The name which receives the most NAX votes will be selected. If two options receive the same amount of NAX, the name will be selected based on which name received their votes first.Rewards:First place: 500 NAS award and will be used as the official name for the Nebulas launch;Second-fifth place: 5000 NAX per personParticipation:To give your suggestion, visit exemptions:The Nebulas Foundation reserves the right of final naming decision. In the event of a mischievous, humiliating or discriminatory name, the Nebulas Foundation has the right to disqualify the option from the list.Nebulas FoundationFebruary 17, 2020Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioName the latest and greatest version of the Nebulas blockchain! was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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Proof of Devotion (PoD) wil...

In March 2020, a new version of the Nebulas mainnet with the Proof of Devotion (PoD) will launch. The PoD consensus mechanism is based on the contribution of the community which includes two components: consensus mechanism and governance mechanism. Once PoD goes online, the Nebulas mainnet network will be fully decentralized — including community collaboration and governance. Community members can obtain mining rewards via the operation of nodes as well as jointly build the Nebulas ecosystem via decentralized voting. This is a big step for Nebulas’ decentralized collaboration plan.Preliminary PreparationGovernance mechanism development and testingThe consensus mechanism was launched on the test network on January 8. The Nebulas team is working with community node operators to test system stability, attack resistance, node block penalty mechanisms, node voting mechanism, node management platform, and the user experience. The current governance mechanism is under development and it will be launched on testnet late February with a test of it being completed this month.Testnet incentive campaign endsEnd time: The testnet incentive activity will end when a to-be-determined block height is reached. The estimated time for this is from the end of February to the beginning of March. Reward amount: The monthly reward total for all node operations is 150,000 NAS which began on January 8; the total reward is expected to reach 300,000 NAS.Reward distribution: After the to be decided block height is reached, the list of valid nodes, online duration and the reward amount of each node will be announced to the community. Rewards will be issued after the public announcement.What the node operators need to do: Be sure to keep your node in a normal operation state prior to be specified block height, otherwise it will affect your node’s revenue.Mainnet launchCode release: the most important update since Nebulas NOVAThe consensus mechanism and governance mechanism will be launched on the mainnet together. This upgrade is the most important upgrade since the release of Nebulas NOVA in 2019, and it will mark the decentralization of the Nebulas blockchain. It will involve a full range of updates including the mainnet, related smart contracts, node platform (, Nebulas community collaboration platform (, web explorer (, and more.Node preparation: Open applications for community nodesAll node application information during the test period will be retained for the mainnet launch regardless of whether the node normally generates blocks on the testnet. Therefore, the nodes that have already applied during the test period do not need to repeat the application process. If the node is willing to continue operating, the following operations need to be completed:Technical upgrade: After the new version of the mainnet is officially released, you need to switch from the testnet branch to the master branch, compile the updated code and complete the mainnet data synchronization. Related help documentation will be released this month;Node requirements: A pledge of 20,000 NAS, participating in node voting and a minimum of 100,000 NAX. For specific node selection rules, see: node application invitation system phase came to an end when the consensus mechanism launched on the testnet. Once the update goes live on the mainnet, the application process will be fully open to the community. When the mainnet reaches the to be determined block height, PoD will be officially launched.Stay tuned for the specific block height when PoD goes live and this momentous occasion of the Nebulas blockchain!Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasio


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Nebulas Node Strategy (Test...

Nebulas Node Strategy Testnet Program Weekly Report (Jan 15 — Jan 21)Two weeks have passed since the node plan went live on the testnet and thus far, a total of 52 nodes are currently participating with 41 nodes currently in a operational state being eligible to participate in block generation. While there seems to be no change in the total number of active nodes, there are nodes going online to offline and penalties being issued for missing blocks throughout the cycle. This process has been providing valuable data for testing.Progress from last week:A smart contract has been upgraded and the testnet has been updated; each node completed the upgrade process as well. Updates include:Fixed a bug where a block could not be recovered after being punished.Supports the use of registered addresses for node management, including applying for suspension of nodes and modifying addresses. Therefore, you only need to log in to one address in the Chrome extension NAS wallet to complete various types of management, without switching addresses.Performance optimization.Email notification system nearing development completion. We hope to enable it before the Chinese Spring Festival.Notifications include missing block generation, penalties and being elected as a governance node. These notifications will better help the node operator monitor and make timely adjustments.The NAS Chrome extension Wallet which is required by the node platform is still awaiting for review.Users who have installed the plugin must not delete it. Users who have not installed the plugin can download it directly on Github at for next weekNext week coincides with the Spring Festival holiday. First of all, we wish you all a happy Chinese New Year!Governance mechanism development continues. Development is expected to be completed in February followed by testing the consensus mechanisms and governance mechanisms together.Our staff will be available during the Spring Festival to provide Q & A support for node operators and community members with questions about the node strategy.Node registration is still open to all. During the test period, the node revenue is distributed according to node’s participation rate.Understand testnet node plan: to be a node: instructions of running the node on the testnet, please refer to: more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioNebulas Node Strategy (Testnet) Weekly Report (Jan 15 — Jan 21) was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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The node decentralization s...

The node decentralization strategy will launch on the testnet today & marks the beginning of the testnet incentive programThe Nebulas PoD node decentralization strategy to launch on the testnet on January 8th, 2020 Beijing time with the community taking control of the network.We welcome the community to join the test program, share test incentives or to look for bugs to receive incentives. This testnet program will prepare for the mainnet to be launched in February of this year.What’s newThe upcoming update is primarily focused on the consensus mechanism portion of the Proof of Devotion (PoD) mechanism which will simulate the PoD-based block generation method on the testnet: 51 candidate nodes are reviewed based on a comprehensive ranking algorithm; of those 51 nodes, 21 nodes are selected to become consensus nodes. In order to ensure the stability of the mainnet, a variety of block abnormalities will be simulated on the testnet during the testnet program and comprehensive tests will be performed.For details about the consensus mechanism section process, visit: to participate:1. Testnet node planDuring the testnet period, nodes must be invited. Applications for nodes are welcome — if interested, please send an email to During the testnet program, nodes will share a minimum of 150,000 NAS incentives. The test program is being performed without real NAS or NAX. All you have to do is to ensure that the server is online, its operation is normal and it can produce blocks. Learn more at: Reward ProgramNebulas is continuing it’s bug bounty reward and you can learn more at: you find any problems or have any suggestions, please be sure to let us know.Next step:In February 2020, the testnet incentive program will end and two major components of PoD: the consensus mechanism and the governance mechanism will be launched on the Nebulas mainnet. This is an important step for Nebulas to move towards being an autonomous metanet. PoD is a comprehensive mechanism based on the contribution of community contributors. Its release will mark the development of Nebulas’ ecosystem and we will enter a new stage of evolution!Nebulas FoundationJanuary 2020Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioThe node decentralization strategy will launch on the testnet today & marks the beginning of the… was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


20. 01. 08

Nebulas 2020 Roadmap

Dec 30, 2019In 2019, Nebulas has made great strides in it’s roadmap including the release of Nebulas NOVA which was a fundamental update to the network and has also released the community collaboration platform Go Nebulas which launched on-chain governance and took a key step towards achieving Nebulas’ vision.In 2020, we will continue to implement Nebulas’ vision of “Let everyone obtain value from decentralized collaboration fairly,” improve the performance of the Nebulas Mainnet and promote decentralized collaboration.The 2020 roadmap is broken down into three sections: development, research and community operation.DevelopmentProof of Devotion(PoD)Background:In November of 2019, the Nebulas PoD Node Strategy began. At its core is the Proof of Devotion (PoD) consensus mechanism which can be summarized as a mechanism that measures the size of a contribution from the community which includes the consensus and the governance mechanism. Through the decentralized selection process of selecting network nodes, a consensus committee will be established and as a result, will decentralize the main network. In addition, the governance committee will be composed of high-quality consensus nodes that will be organizing community governance in a representative system.The node decentralization strategy will launch on the testnet January of 2020 with the mainnet receiving this upgrade shortly afterwards. This will be the largest upgrade of the mainnet since the release of Nebulas NOVA in March of 2019 and will be the inauguration of PoD.Changes and Goals:Upgrade of consensus mechanism. The PoD mainnet consensus algorithm will be upgraded to improve scalability and solve community development consensus to avoid centralization.Governance mechanism design development and implementation. We will ensure that community governance nodes can make decisions smoothly and can govern Nebulas community proposals and projects via on-chain voting.Nebulas community collaboration platform Go Nebulas upgradeBackground:Nebulas will continue the exercise of decentralized collaboration in 2020 and the Nebulas community collaboration platform, Go Nebulas will be upgraded with it. Since its launch in March of 2019, there have been more than 220 projects and over 150 community proposals on Go Nebulas which includes core projects operated by the Nebulas team, various bounty rewards and projects proposed by the community. This platform is where the community can speak freely and where the PoD governance mechanism comes into play.Changes and Goals:PoD governance. PoD will comply with the changes in the new governance mechanism to achieve decentralized collaboration.Platform upgrades. Go Nebulas will receive upgrades in both collaboration and incentives. Increasing community collaboration and interaction scenarios, as well as Go Nebulas’ incentives. In addition, we can promote the emergence of more high-quality projects to help community members better collaborate with the ecosystem.Nebulas Virtual Machine NVM2.0Background:Nebulas Virtual Machine (NVM) has supported the Chrome V8 engine since 2018 thereby making it possible for Nebulas to support smart contract coding in multiple languages. It is one of the first public blockchains to support smart contracts written in JavaScript. In 2020, Nebulas will continue to optimize the performance of the NVM and will launch version 2.0.Changes and Goals:Optimize autonomous upgrade capabilities. With the release of Nebulas NOVA in early 2019, some functions of Nebulas Force were implemented through the Nebulas Blockchain Executable Environment (NBRE) thereby providing an executable environment. This has been Nebulas’ initial attempt to upgrading the core protocol of the public blockchain autonomously and has provided valuable experience for implementing NF. In 2020, we will continue to increase the speed of core protocol upgrades via on-chain mechanisms, guarantee ease of use, compatibility and officially implement NF.Cross-chain capabilities. Nebulas Rank is an scoring algorithm that measures the value of global blockchain data. Naturally, NR must support cross-chain capabilities. Based on the development of NF, the NVM will have cross-chain capabilities thereby laying a solid foundation for analysis and research on cross-chain data to data interactions.Development ToolsBackground:The Nebulas Mainnet went online March of 2018 and has released asset management and development tools. In 2020, development tools will be further improved to prepare developers and community members to further utilize the Nebulas blockchain.Changes and Goals:Various data interface API upgrades. We will make it more convenient for the community to build their own Nebulas wallet, explorer and more.Various wallet client optimizations. These optimizations include a desktop client, command-line client, various browser wallet plug-ins and more which will support NAS and NRC20 tokens such as NAX. We will also add more features for the web wallet including the support for cold-wallet(offline) signing.Developer debugging environment upgrade. This includes the optimization of various IDEs, visualization operations and improved examples.Complete node related tools and documentation. This includes support tools such as revenue calculation tools and ranking calculation tools.Among them, the Nebulas Foundation will encourage core project changes and release necessary reward projects. Community members can also contribute ideas and develop projects through the governance mechanisms.ResearchIn 2020, Nebulas will continue to research blockchain technology and make advances in the following two directions thereby combining Nebulas’ own characteristics while exploring new possibilities of blockchain:Data analysis and application scenario exploration. In 2020, Nebulas will continue to focus on on-chain data and interactions. Based on the results of data analysis, we will explore new scenarios for Nebulas Rank.Data Privacy. We will explore on-chain data encryption such as zero-knowledge proof, secure multi-party computing and more. Nebulas will focus on privacy issues and explore new research on data security.CommunityDeveloper motivation. Nebulas will initiate the Developer Incentive Protocol 2.0 which will Include:Community project evaluation;University cooperation, support for targeted research projects;Promote healthy development by the community.Decentralized collaborative practice.With the start of the node planned governance mechanism, Nebulas’ decentralized collaboration has entered a critical phase. The governance committee composed of community node block contributors will conduct on-chain voting review of community proposals and projects. In the first half of 2020, we will collect feedback, gradually optimize the collaborative process and build a healthy ecosystem with community members.nextDAO is the next generation of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which will focus on on-chain interaction and collaboration. By providing decentralized financial tools and products, redefining the token economy, leveraging the community through smart assets, discovering new business scenarios and promoting the implementation of ecosystem applications, Nebulas will use the nextDAO platform to develop a better experience for the Nebulas community and beyond. These changes will make Nebulas a more open and inclusive experience while building a better DAO.Nebulas FoundationJanuary 2020Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioNebulas 2020 Roadmap was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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Join the Nebulas testnet an...

The new Nebulas network with it’s Proof of Devotion (PoD) mechanism will launch on the Nebulas testnet on January 8th, 2020. This will publicly test the consensus mechanism portion of the Nebulas node decentralization plan prior to mainnet release.All are welcome to join the node testnet and share the incentive of at least 150,000 NAS, experience the node process in advance and become the first batch of Nebulas nodes.About the node decentralization plan based on the PoD mechanismThe Nebulas Node Decentralization Plan is the practice of the Nebulas vision: Let everyone benefit fairly from decentralized collaboration.At its core core is Proof of Devotion (PoD), which can be briefly described as a mechanism that is built on measuring the contribution of community contributors in two two parts: consensus mechanism and governance mechanism.Consensus mechanism: Decentralization of main network nodes through node selection;Governance mechanism: A governance committee composed of high-quality nodes which will organize community governance in a representative system.Further details can be found at: testnet node planThe release of the consensus mechanism is an important upgrade for the Nebulas blockchain. In order to ensure the stability of the main network, it is necessary to perform testing on the testnet for a period of not less than one month. During the test period, invited nodes are welcome and strongly encouraged to participate in the node plan by deploying nodes.As long as blocks are successfully produced, the test reward will be issued. Interested parties wanting to deploy a node can send an email to The testnet will be launched on January 8, 2020 with the mainnet launch occuring February, 2020.Participation method: To register a node, visit and be sure to have prepared a wallet address and a server that meets the minimum configuration requirements.Once your information is submitted, please wait patiently for it to be reviewed and if approved, you will be able to participate in the program. It is a priority that those participating in the testnet will continue to run a node after PoD goes live on the mainnet. To view a list of currently invited nodes, visit: on how to deploy a node on the testnet: make sure that the server is operating normally during the test. We will randomly send NAX testnet coins to the nodes, simulating the block ranking mechanism and the outflow of blocks. When it is your node’s turn to produce blocks, you need to ensure that the blocks are being produced normally.Note: During the entire testing session, mainnet pledged NAS(official NAS) is not required as well as mainnet NAX(official NAX).Total rewards for all nodes: 150,000 NAS / month.That is, if the actual test time exceeds one month, the total reward amount will increase. For example, after testing for one and a half months, the total amount is 225,000 NAS.Reward distribution: NAS will be distributed according to the amount of time the server is online. The reward formula is as follows:Reward distribution formula: single node reward = single node up-time / SUM up-time duration of all nodes x total incentive amountYou can participate in reward distribution if:Node penalties do not exceed 3 times during the entire test cycle;Successfully producing over 100 blocks.The reward will be sent to the incentive address of the relevant node after the PoD is launched on the main network.Bug Reward ProgramNebulas’ long-term bug bounty program is still active. If you find a bug during the test phase, please submit a bug report. Once your bug is verified, you will receive a maximum of 1,000+ USDT equivalent in NAS reward.Submit a detailed bug report at: more details about the Bug Reward Program, visit: FoundationJanuary 2020Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioJoin the Nebulas testnet and become one of the first mainnet nodes was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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Nebulas PoD Node Decentrali...

Nebulas PoD Node Decentralization Strategy — Now Accepting Applications!Nebulas PoD Node Decentralization Strategy Based on Proof of Devotion (PoD) is now accepting applications!To best accomplish the decentralized transition of Nebulas’ mainnet nodes, the Nebulas PoD Node Decentralization Strategy will gradually open node applications to all. Initially, we invite active project, Nebulas partners and community members within the current Nebulas ecosystem to deploy nodes and explore the governance processes in advance to the public release to provide valuable advice for testing and improvement.Starting today, you can click on the application on to apply. The Nebulas team will then review all applications and select those who can officially join only the decentralization process.To apply to be a Nebulas node, please ensure that you have the following:1. A Nebulas Mainnet Address in which you fully control2. A server to operate the node that meets the minimum hardware requirements:CPU:>=4-Core minimum (Recommended 8-Core)RAM:>=16GDisk: >= 600G SSDNTP: NTP service is required on the server to ensure correct time synchronization for all operational nodes.View detailed recommended hardware configuration and environment at: A deposit 20,000 NAS as collateral (no need to submit a deposit before passing the application process)The PoD consensus mechanism will officially launch in January of 2020. In addition, the application process will be opened to in approximately 2 months.At the core of the Nebulas PoD (Proof of Devotion) Node Decentralization Strategy is the Proof of Devotion Mechanism. The idea behind PoD is to provide a measurable value of all users based on the size of their contribution to the ecosystem which includes pledging, consensus and governance mechanisms. With PoD, we plan to not just decentralize Nebulas’ blockchain nodes but also decentralize community governance via the formation of a representative system and government committees.Nebulas is building a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for complex data networks that will fully embrace the community, decentralization and autonomy on a contribution measured basis.Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioNebulas PoD Node Decentralization Strategy — Now Accepting Applications! was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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Nebulas PoD AMA Review — No...

Nebulas PoD AMA Review — November 27th, 2019On November 27th, 2019, the Nebulas team including founder Hitters Xu and lead developer Larry took to Telegram and answered the communities questions about the design of Nebulas’ Proof of Devotion consensus mechanism.Prior to the live AMA, the Nebulas community asked their questions on the Nebulas subreddit at: those who missed the live event, here are the asked questions and answers:From: m5jQuestion: How long do you think we will be staying at 51 nodes before opening it up to more?Answer: It all depends on the situation after we launch PoD. Since we have the governance committee, people can propose to increase the number of candidate list if the demand is high. The governance committee will make the decision.From: m5jQuestion: Can you give us more information on how the governance nodes will work?Answer: The governance committee(nodes) are selected from last month which are the most active 51 nodes. They will review and vote for all the proposals provided by GoNebulas management team. In the meantime, they are the person to decide which project to fund, and how much to fund. Please note, firstly, the decision will only be made if it receive ⅔ of approval. secondly, the node who voted will receive governance rewards. However, the node will be prohibited from enrolling into consensus committee for a certain period of time if there are two absences from governance duty consequently.From: satoshibytesQuestion: Do you see PoD evolving from its current presentation and if so, what type of changes do you see possible?Answer: There are some significant differences, firstly, we lower the bar for normal community members, secondly, we encourage more team to join the competition. thirdly, we bind the consensus committee with the governance committee, and the last, the governance committee take more responsibility and have more rights within the Nebulas community.From: satoshibytesQuestion: In addition to NAX, will there be any smart contract to control NAS that a community member wants to contribute to a node thereby decentralizing trust of the node operator?Answer: Yes, it is possible, it is open for discussion. All nodes operator can provide either centralized platform or decentralized smart contract method to enroll and make benefits to their voters.From: junhokkkkQuestion: When you were elected chairman, you said you care about market capitalization, but now you fall to 141st. There is also growing doubts about community rewards in recent years, and there is no specific mention of the buyback program. But we believe in you. Please give a clear answer.Answer: As mentioned above, in PoD mechanism, governance committee have the authority to approve or not for the projects funding. If you have any great proposal and ideas, feel free to post on GoNebulas. If your proposal truly can make a positive impact on Nebulas ecosystem, the governance committee will reward you.Referring to the buyback program, please wait for the official announcements. Since we announced the buyback program in June, it indeed made some progress, however, we also found a lot of problems. We’ll make an conclusion to share with everyone. The purpose for buyback program is to make a sustainable development for Nebulas ecosystem, so I hope the community members do not pay too much attention on this, but pay attention on how to make Nebulas a long term development and more competitive in this industry.From: pam_your_fractalsQuestion: Is there any plans to integrate Nebulas with the mainstream browser plugins? One key to success is, IMHO, having a simple way for average users to operate with the blockchain using the already existing extensions, like Metamask.Will Metamask accept to operate with the Nebulas blockchain? Answer: This is a good idea, we encourage you to submit your proposal in Go Nebulas platform, we would like to sponsor this kind of proposals. Please provide some examples, how other project integrate with metamask when submit the proposal. There’s also another Metamask fork project on Nebulas now, is it a similar idea with yours? pam_your_fractalsQuestion: Also, are there plans to implement an analog to the ERC-1151 standard? Having both fungible and non-fungible tokens available at once is critical for game development inside Nebulas blockchain. Answer: Yes, it’s possible, did you post this proposal?, we didn’t set it as a project immediately, because we would focus on the most necessary and urgent projects at first. Your proposal would possibly can be discussed again when the governance mechanism launch.Thank you to all who participated in this event and we hope to keep hearing comments and suggestions from our global community!Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioNebulas PoD AMA Review — November 27th, 2019 was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 11. 28

NAS nano Pro updated to bet...

This week, the Nebulas development team released an update for NAS nano Pro. The new version of NAS nano Pro now supports the display of NAX voting. The specific updates are as follows:Support NAX display functionThe main page shows the number of NAX votes.Addition of voting ID’s added to the wallet so you can clearly see voting transactions.The transaction page in the wallet details page displays NAX voting transactions.Download the latest NAS nano ProVisit for more details and to download today.Disclaimer1) For any information about Nebulas’ mobile wallet, please only refer to the relevant announcements via the official Nebulas website at Be sure to download and install the NAS nano Pro version 2.6.4 app (supporting both iOS and Android devices) via the Nebulas website or from the links provided in this announcement. Nebulas is not responsible for any loss caused by downloading the wallet from other locations.3) Please be diligent to identify and avoid fake applications, falsified messages, phishing websites, phishing emails, fake customer service, scams, etc… The Nebulas team will never ask users for their private keys.4) Please back up all your NAS nano Pro wallets and keep your private key safe before upgrading to the latest version of NAS nano Pro. Nebulas is not responsible for any loss caused by users or third parties.Learn more about Nebulas:Official website: Nebulas.ioSmart asset platform nextDAO: nextDAO.ioGithub: Telegram(EN): Forum: community.nebulas.ioInstagram: nebulasioFacebook: @nebulasprojectTwitter: @nebulasioNAS nano Pro updated to better support NAX voting was originally published in Nebulasio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 11. 21

Transaction History
Transaction History Market Market Transaction volume Address
Huobi Global NAS/ETH 652.96 26,984,034.00 Short cut
Binance To be provided later To be provided later To be provided later Short cut
DragonEx To be provided later To be provided later To be provided later Short cut
OKEx To be provided later To be provided later To be provided later Short cut To be provided later To be provided later To be provided later Short cut
Security verification

There is security verification of the project
Why security verification is necessary?

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Platform ERC20
Hard cap -
Audit -
Stage -
Location -
Market of major crypto coins *2020년 02월 20일 last update



11,600,397.23 KRW 3.76%



311,918.30 KRW 6.48%



328.93 KRW 6.21%

Bitcoin Cash


456,783.29 KRW 7.69%

Bitcoin SV


358,318.67 KRW 2.34%



1,208.79 KRW 1.46%



4,858.27 KRW 10.27%

Binance Coin


26,667.87 KRW 6.62%



54,759.09 KRW 0.54%



4,430.16 KRW 0.15%



69.35 KRW 6.49%



86.54 KRW 3.17%



94,379.37 KRW 7.29%



24.33 KRW 7.84%

Huobi Token


5,753.37 KRW 3.71%

Ethereum Classic


10,653.16 KRW 6.87%



16,973.15 KRW 7.18%



126,360.11 KRW 7.36%



5,161.38 KRW 3.83%



3,288.18 KRW 2.52%