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클라우드브릭은 모든 사용자들이 정보 보안을 더 대중적이고 접근하기 쉽게 함으로써 급격하게 성장하는 블록체인 산업을 더 안전하게 합니다. 이 보안 통합 플랫폼은 인공지능과 딥러닝을 이용하여 모두가 이용할 수 있게 준비된 사이버 보안 솔루션입니다. 클라우드브릭 보안 통합 플랫폼에서 제공하는 솔루션들을 통해 첨단 딥러닝 인공지능인 비전(VISION)이 모은 주요한 익명 위협 기록을 자동으로 생성할 수 있습니다. 클라우드브릭의 분산화된 위협정보 데이터베이스의 데이터 축적과 네트워크 성장에 기여하는 사용자들에게는 CLB 토큰이 보상으로 지급됩니다.

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Cloudbric Listed on Bitsdaq...

Cloudbric’s cryptocurrency CLB was recently listed on the global exchange Bitsdaq on July 4 and began trading on the platform July 5.Bitsdaq was launched as a digital asset trading platform that leverages Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology to provide customers a secure, advanced and reliable platform and extensive selection of digital tokens.Recently, Bitsdaq listed seven new projects including Cloudbric’s to promote quality projects in the second half of 2019. Cloudbric’s trading pair CLB/BTC will be exclusively offered in Bitsaq. Meanwhile, other trading paids such as CLB/ETH will be available in the near future.The Bitsdaq App received a positive response within two weeks of its official launch. The app is available on both Android and iOS conveniently allowing users to trade CLB:‎BitsdaqCloudbric has been diligently began preparing to launch a personal security app during 3Q following the launch of their partner Klaytn’s mainnet, orchestrated by KakaoTalk’s blockchain subsidiary Ground X. The app will provide a type of cryptocurrency asset verification service to individual users.The app will first be available for free at its launch to emphasize the importance of cryptocurrency asset protection. It’s also part of Cloudbric’s mission to help in creating a secure blockchain ecosystem.Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms ( LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) and our recently opened Telegram Announcement Channel for the latest updates!Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform that provides a diverse suite of security services for all users. published at on July 5, 2019.


19. 07. 05

Klaytn Will Onboard Cloudbr...

The internet giant KakaoTalk has just launched its blockchain platform on June 27, 2019. The mainnet launch was orchestrated by KakaoTalk’s blockchain arm, Ground X.This marks a big occasion for both Klaytn and Cloudbric, who is a technology ISP (Initial Service Partner).Klaytn has emphasized the importance of ISPs who provide substantial and tangible service use-cases for the blockchain ecosystem. Because the main focus of the company is on the Dapps (decentralized apps) that run on the blockchain, Cloudbric will launch a crypto security app for within Q3.The app will focus on protecting users when they use crypto apps or exchanges to transfer cryptocurrency.After its initial release, Cloudbric has plans to add upgraded features and functionsPlease look forward to more details soon as we disrupt the crypto security market!Cloudbric is already working to provide web security services to numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain projects. Known for our distinguished WAF, Cloudbric also recently released Threat DB, our free database of threat intelligence, this past May. The platform currently includes blacklisted, or malicious IPs, known hacker wallet addresses, and phishing URLs.The data collected on the platform will be available via an API which allows businesses and developers to create their own security technologies.Crypto exchanges can also can leverage the hacker wallet addresses to prevent unauthorized transactions on their platform.Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms ( LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) and our recently opened Telegram Announcement Channel for the latest updates!Originally published at on June 27, 2019.


19. 06. 27

Welcoming Cloudbric’s new C...

As Cloudbric’s new CSO, Gin will be driving corporate strategy and investor relations to take the next big step forward. As a veteran of the tech industry, Gin’s experience with early stage companies from growth stage to IPOs will be pivotal for Cloudbric’s continued development. Given his track record, we are very excited to have him join our roster.To give some background, Gin was a Co-Founder of , one of the world’s first mobile gaming companies, which was established in 1996 and known for games like Summoners War: Sky Arena, Ace Fishing, Golf Star, and Tiny Farm.His role was twofold with on hand on the business side and another on product development. On the business side Gin was focused on acquiring funding for the team and expanding business overseas, including the opening of regional offices in London, Bangalore, Los Angeles and Singapore.On the product development end, he helped the company achieve its strategic goals and moved product development by co-developing the product lineup.Some highlights while working with Com2uS include developing and negotiating contractual agreements with license holders, mobile telecommunications carriers, and other strategic partners, successfully completing agreements with 64 mobile telecommunications operators in 32 countries.Notably, he also developed strategic partnerships with Samsung Electronics, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Qualcomm, and YAHOO.It doesn’t end with just Com2uS!Gin worked for INKA ENTWORKS, which specializes in security solutions and is known worldwide as one of the leading DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology companies.With the launch of AppSealing, a software that prevents hacking for mobile applications, Gin, as Senior VP, oversaw the strategic and business plans for the solution all while implementing a China strategy before launching it into an incubation program.He also worked for a company called ASCAN, a document management and record archiving company based in Korea that uses AI, serving as COO.In between balancing both operating and strategic planning, Gin also helped acquire overseas funding for the company.Amongst his experience in the tech industry, Gin has accumulated over 15 years of experience in consulting and grant writing too.He has worked in consulting for companies like Fairways Consulting Services (a company focused on preparing businesses to enter the Indian market) and Brilliant Rise, a Hong Kong based company composed of former executives in the various fields of technology and internet to provide consulting services, project management, and merger & acquisition services.Mostly recently, as the previous CSO to the Korean product design and development startup PiQuant, he oversaw the investor relation management aspect of the business and their strategic partnerships.With his extensive experience in building company strategies across various industries and his huge investor network, we are excited to bring in Gin to the team as someone who can help us continue to grow.Gin is joining the team at a time in which Cloudbric is seeing a 50% increase in the company’s workforce.Bienvenue Gin!(Though a Korean national, Gin spent a total of 32 years in India. He speaks a total of five languages! English, Korean, Hindi, French, and Spanish).Furthermore, as a company, we’re excited to continue growing and in various industries as well.Recently, Cloudbric began providing security services to cryptocurrency exchanges blockchain businesses and has now delved into the operation of blockchain wallet nodes, utilizing its know-how in cloud computing services like AWS and others.We aim to build blockchain nodes in our existing data centers and servers around the world to grow this business.Originally published at on June 20, 2019.


19. 06. 20

[Exchange Listing] CLB Toke...

The Cloudbric team is excited to announce that we will be adding a new exchange listing for our CLB token!Bitsdaq exchange is an official partner of Bittrex, which is one of the premier cryptocurrency exchanges based out of the US.Based on Bittrex’s unique exchange technology, Bitsdaq will help provide safe and reliable cryptocurrency trading activities for users based in the APAC region.Users can also find Cloudbric’s CLB token listed on both Korea-based Bitsonic exchange, as well as BitForex which is targeted for global users.Bitsdaq listing details:For more information regarding our CLB token and new exchange listing announcements, please join our official Telegram community channel at .What is Bitsdaq?Bitsdaq is a Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange based on the unique technology of its official partner, Bittrex exchange. Bitsdaq officially launched its exchange on January 29th, 2019 and currently boasts more than 2 million users with both mobile and web access for its exchange.As an official partner of Bittrex exchange, one of the most globally recognized cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitsdaq helps expand Bittrex’s reach towards the APAC region through its unique and cutting edge technology.Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms ( LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) and our recently opened Telegram Announcement Channel for the latest updates!Originally published at on June 17, 2019.


19. 06. 17

CLB Super Holder Event

CLB Super Holder EventFor all CLB holders and super fans, we are proud to announce that we will be holding a special CLB token snapshot event!CLB holders that purchase and hold a minimum of 100,000 CLB tokens in a designated wallet will automatically be eligible to receive free CLB and CLBK (upcoming KLAY compatible CLB token launch) token bonuses based on the market price of CLB at the time of the snapshot.The event snapshot will officially end on June 17th, 2019 at 4pm Korean Standard Time.What is CLBK?As an official Initial Service Partner (ISP), Cloudbric will be distributing new CLBK tokens that will be used interchangeably with Klaytn’s upcoming KLAY token, as well as the Klaytn blockchain.Event DetailsStarting today, users that hold a minimum of 100,000 CLB tokens by the end of the snapshot period will be able to receive free CLB and CLBK bonus distributions to their accounts.All eligible CLB holders will receive a guaranteed minimum of 5% cumulative bonus distributions (CLB and CLBK tokens) of their total CLB stake as long as they hold the minimum CLB token amount.All users will also have a chance to earn even higher bonus distribution tiers based on the final market price of CLB at the time of the snapshot.End Date:June 17th, 2019 at 4pm Korean Standard TimeDistribution:CLB bonuses will be distributed within 7 business days of the event snapshot (please note that CLBK tokens will be distributed AFTER the Klaytn mainnet launch)Requirements: Participating users must have a minimum of 100,000 CLB tokens at the time of the snapshotHow to apply: Complete and submit the application form below with your email address and wallet address information (must NOT be an exchange wallet address)CLB/CLBK Rewards DistributionAll eligible users will be able to receive a 5% cumulative bonus distribution of their total CLB stake.However, higher bonus tiers are available based on the final market price of CLB at the time of the snapshot.Please note that CLB market price and subsequent bonus distribution tiers will be based on the Korean Won price of CLB listed on Bitsonic Exchange.For more information on Bitsonic Exchange, please visit their website at: to the table below to see the various bonus distribution tiers.CLB and CLBK token distribution amounts will be the sameCLBK tokens will be eligible for distribution AFTER the Klaytn mainnet launchImportant DisclaimerMultiple applications are allowed as long as each individual wallet account meets the minimum CLB token requirements per account (cannot submit multiple accounts that are under 100,000 CLB)Each user must submit a separate personal wallet address for their event application. We will NOT accept exchange wallet addressesIf it is determined that a transaction or wallet information is invalid, unfair, or stolen, then distribution to these accounts will NOT be madeCloudbric accepts all rights and responsibilities to the event☆★Preview Event: CLBK Airdrop Event☆★On June 27th, 2019, Kakao’s long awaited Klaytn mainnet will officially launch!In celebration of the launch, Cloudbric will be running a special CLBK token airdrop event.Please stay tuned for more information and announcements regarding our airdrop event coming soon.UPDATE NOTICE: This event has ended. The results can be found here: published at on May 30, 2019.


19. 05. 30

Participate in Cloudbric’s ...

To celebrate the renewal of Cloudbric Labs including the launch of Threat DB, we’re also conducting a large scale bounty program in order to drive product improvement and improve our services on a secure platform.To show our commitment, we’ve allocated 10 million CLB (10,000,000 CLB), which is approximately equivalent to $106,000 USD, just for the bounty program!The bounty program and event will run for approximately 3 months (Monday, April 29 — Monday, July 22).There will be two bounty events:So how do you participate?Once Threat DB goes live on April 29, to become a Cloudbric Labs member if you haven’t already. Once you’re logged in, go the contribute page and begin submitting your threat data.Follow the instructions for that bounty and submit your threat data. That’s it!You can check your status through the ranking charts for that specific bounty.*****Please note that those participants who are caught spamming or cheating the system will be immediately banned.*****Please read and follow the event participation and bug bounty guidelines as found on the Event page of Cloudbric Labs: information about the specific bounties can be found below!Bug Bounty ProgramDuration: April 29th Monday ~ May 24th FridayTarget Scope: Cloudbric Labs Homepage, Cloudbric Labs Threat DBTarget URL:,, and all other sub URLs under Threat DBBounty rewards differ per vulnerability levelVery High: When the web server has been turned over to third parties, or when the services are disrupted and become unavailable1,000,000 CLBMedium: When the server has sustained limited damage, or when server information has been falsifiedLow: From the possibility of attacks, such as when data vulnerabilities are gathered, to minor bugs like typosParticipation type: BlindHow to Participate: Sign up with Cloudbric, then submit Bug Bounty FormRewards Distribution: Every Wednesday beginning MayContribution BountyDuration: April 29th Monday ~ July 22nd MondayCLB will be rewarded for users who contribute the highest number of threat data (only validated threat data with threat levels) every month1st: 1,000,000 CLB2nd: 600,000 CLB3rd: 400,000 CLB4th: 150,000 CLB5th: 100,000 CLBUsers with identical ranks will be re-ranked according to higher threat level, and submission dateParticipation type: Blind: Open, Ranking Chart updated real timeHow to Participate: sign up with Cloudbric Labs, and submit threat data to Threat DBRewards Distribution: End of every month beginning MayIf you have any questions please email us at !Originally published at on April 19, 2019.


19. 04. 19

Cloudbric’s Threat DB To Op...

We’re super excited to announce the release of Threat DB on April 29, a community driven threat intelligence database for both end users and organizations to view a variety of threat information.Threat DB is part of the renewed Cloudbric Labs in which you’ll notice that the same free security tools we previously introduced have been rebranded.Until now, threat intelligence has been highly privatized meaning security vendors are continuously collecting vast amounts of emerging cyber threat information but are not making it accessible for public use.Instead, vendors typically use it for their own personal gain as we discuss in dept in our whitepaper .With the launch of Threat DB, users have access to our threat information (hacker wallet addresses, phishing URL, blacklisted IPs) without restrictions.We aim to develop Threat DB into one of the largest decentralized global databases of cyber threat information and will be made transparent for public use.However, it’s not just for end users to benefit.Developers or companies interested in using the data from Threat DB can do so through our API , which is set to be available at a later release date.Now here’s where the fun part begins!Users have the opportunity to get compensated in the form of cryptocurrency simply by adding valuable threat information to the database (to be verified by Cloudbric’s team of security experts).In the future, existing Cloudbric users will also have the opportunity to be rewarded simply by submitting their logs following a hacking episode.With the CLB Reward System, anyone can earn by signing up and contributing to Threat DB.Although Threat DB only offers a collection of hacker fraud addresses, phishing URLs and blacklisted IPs for viewing and contributing at its beta stage, we strive to continuously expand our service and add more threat data in the future.Head over now to Cloudbric Labs on April 29 to begin exploring our database which holds over 10,000+ threat data or begin contributing.More details about the contribution and rewards process will be available on the Cloudbric Labs page.Originally published at on April 19, 2019.


19. 04. 19

Experience AI In Action Thr...

Following a series of QA testing stages conducted by Cloudbric’s development and product planning teams, Cloudbric is ready to announce the beta release of its deep learning engine!We’ve already discussed extensively what this new AI technology will mean for our existing detection capabilities as well as the role it will play in our upcoming security platform.To reiterate, VISION will be integrated into our existing detection system in order to amplify the accuracy of cyber threat identification by blocking incoming threats.One of the biggest challenges for cloud-based WAF vendors is the ability to accurately block malicious without the need to later whitelist or blacklist traffic that was mistakenly identified and blocked or allow actual malicious traffic to seep through the cracks.When using a WAF we want to avoid both these false positives and false negatives.Luckily for us, AI can directly address this challenge as its predictive analysis capabilities can be applied to web traffic.Cloudbric’s WAF is recognized in the industry for its high accuracy rate, and the addition of AI capabilities will allow our filtering system to more intelligently block attacks.Current users will now be able to inspect their own web traffic and identify behavior anomalies and in turn help VISION learn characteristics of web attacks to improve our filtering system (and subsequently reduce false positives and false negatives).VISION will learn the traffic characteristics of each user website to execute detection and prevention tailored to each website. In other words, it will predict and recognize various attack patterns that may act as potential risks to individual user websites.Ready to see it in action?More on how to do this can be found directly on your dashboard!Within the second quarter, we have plans to offer this feature via its recently launched console app so be on the lookout for that as well.Originally published at on April 4, 2019.


19. 04. 04

Cloudbric Cements Commitmen...

Cloudbric currently holds Technology Partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS).The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global partner program composed of cloud software and service vendors that have earned endorsement from AWS after meeting several important criteria.With the cloud computing market estimated to be worth 272 billion USD worldwide, cloud computing has made it easy to access applications and data from virtually anywhere, without compromising scalability or security.Cloudbric’s partnership with AWS has armed us with additional tools and resources from Amazon enabling us to differentiate our solution for AWS customers with improved functionality and cloud security service offerings.As a Technology Partner, Cloudbric is made-ready for the cloud environment.Not only that, but as Cloudbric expands into the blockchain business (by currently providing web security services to numerous crypto exchanges and other wallet platforms), we realize cloud infrastructure is more important than ever.It’s why Cloudbric has announced it has delved into the operation of blockchain wallet nodes.When it comes to exchanges or wallets, nodes are necessary for its stable operation on the blockchain network which typically requires to operate in multiple regions as nodes are hosted in data centers.As a result, Cloudbric aims to secure the operation and building of blockchain nodes in its existing data centers and servers around the world.Until now Cloudbric has been able to provide cloud-based security services around the world, and this know-how in cloud infrastructure has led to the signing of blockchain node operation contracts and is expected to draw the attention of companies that operate blockchain wallets.Originally published at on April 2, 2019.


19. 04. 02

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